A hobby, turned in to a passion, turned in to a business!

I have always enjoyed a good scented candle. One night while at a hobby store I purchased a DIY kit and thought it would be a fun way to relieve stress. That quickly turned in to a passion and I was consumed with creating the perfect candle! I outgrew my kitchen soon after and decided to set up shop in a spare room. One day while working in my shop I realized that with the time and energy I was spending creating a candle that was better than everyone else's, I should make them available for others to enjoy!

I am pleased to say that any candle you purchase from me has been created through a painstaking process of research and trial and error. My candles are crafted in a clean, smoke free, professional environment and are made using only the finest quality eco-friendly ingredients.

At Timber Ridge Gifts, I greatly appreciate your business! In exchange for that business, I guarantee a superior product with amazing cold and hot scent throw, unique design, and scent options you are not likely to find anywhere else.

Thanks for stopping by!

- Tim

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